18 September, 2006 / First Public Preview of TP 2.0


Today we have released first preview of TP 2.0 (still Minima :) login/pwd: admin/admin). (TP 2.0 is the next generation of our agile project management software TargetProcess). We want to get some positive and negative feedback before moving forward, since in its current state TP provides most base functionality and look & feel.

What we want to stress in this release? Several things. First of all, drag and drop iteration planning. Now it is possible to assign user stories and bugs on iterations as well as assign user stories, tasks and bugs on developers.

Second feature that will appear in TP 2.0 is development process customization. In current release it is possible to create, let's say, "Simplified" process and turn on/off Time Tracking, Bug Tracking and Requirement practices for it. In this case project with Simplified process will have very simple UI. No bugs, no features, no time records, only releases, iterations, user stories and tasks. True agility :)

The third considerable feature is customizable dashboard. Now user can customize personal workspace and see exactly what she want.

Here is how development going thus far.

TP 2.0 (build: Code Name "Minima" - Public Preview #1

// Features:

* Simple Process/Practices management (ability to turn on/off practices for project)
* Customizable Dahsboard 

* Bugs assignments on iteration via drag & drop

* Progress calculation added for all assignable entities
* Daily progress added
* Effort calculation model in assignables changed

TP 2.0 (build: Code Name "Minima"

// Features:

* Links from entity names added into all lists

* Very Simple Bug Tracking added

* Features area added

* Release planning Drag and Drop 

TP 2.0 (build: Code Name "Minima"

// Features:

* Release, User Stories, Iterations, Tasks support
* XP planning
* Drag and Drop Iteration planning
* Drag and Drop developers assignment
* ToDo list
* User dashboard
* Time tracking
* Release burn down chart
* Iterations velocity progress chart

* Role-based permissions
* Customizable workflow for user stories and tasks
* Attachments and Comments for all entities
* Customizable lists (visible columns, page size, filters)
* Context help


At September 19, 2006 6:16 PM, Anonymous SelfishGene said...

Looks great. And thanks for making it so simple to login and check it out.

At September 20, 2006 10:31 AM, Anonymous Lyndsa said...

Fantastic piece of work :-) Thanks for access to the demo.

At October 03, 2006 4:17 PM, Anonymous Michal Talaga said...

Do you consider putting a sample video showing off the features?
It would be nice to have such a little thingy ;-)


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